Life Coaching & Career Coaching For Teens & College Students with ADHD or Asperger’s

Work with a Specially-Trained Asperger’s & ADHD Coach who “Gets It”

Don’t let ADD, ADHD or Asperger’s hold you back!

As someone who has ADHD himself— and has experience working with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome—Rodney Ziebol truly understands how the challenges these conditions bring can really get in the way. He also believes that young people like you who are dealing with ADHD or Asperger’s have the right to be happy and successful.

Your skills and talents need to be brought into the world…and Rodney is dedicated to helping you make it happen. He will acknowledge you. He will support you. And he will provide the expert help you need to develop and reach your goals.

What can an ADHD and Asperger’s Life Coach and Career Coach do for you?

Quite a bit! As your coach, champion and cheerleader, Rodney can help you…

  • Understand and overcome your unique challenges

  • Discover your values and character strengths

  • Use technology to improve your daily life

  • Explore career options that actually fit you

  • Develop your goals, then turn them into actions that move you forward

  • Replace fear of the unknowns with clarity and purpose

  • Realize your potential to live a fuller and more satisfying life

Plus, Rodney also has a unique sub-specialty: Helping people with ADHD or Asperger’s create their own careers as entrepreneurs.


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Rodney was very patient and kind with me. He didn’t guilt me or make me feel bad if I didn’t finish my goals — we would work through whatever obstacles were in my way. If you re-evaluate your goals mid-week because you realized some higher priorities, he works with you on that too. He understands the ADD/ADHD mind and knows exactly how to make those attention “deficiencies” become attention superpowers. I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation for his services.

Kyleigh H. (Age: 23)

Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without Rodney.  His expert coaching taught me new tools and techniques that radically changed how I approach my goals and challenges in all areas of my life and his relentless positivity gave me the strength to do the hard work to achieve my goals.  He is genuinely compassionate about the people he works with and I would highly recommend Rodney as a life coach.

Steve Andrews (Age 36), Platinum Bay Technologies

Working with Rodney will help someone achieve his or her goals.  His approach is straightforward; his techniques are thought-out; his personal touch is positive.  Rodney’s tools and style help me catapult myself through my final year in college and into my first professional job out of college simultaneously.  I think that really it came down to analyzing how I was spending my time, and on what.  What fit my style was breaking things down into workable chunks of time.  Rodney’s approach gave me tools that I still use today.

Alex Arthur (Age 21), Sales Professional

This was my first time working with a life coach.  However, Rodney made the process quite easy with his warm demeanor and wealth of knowledge about using technology to improve organization and efficiency.  We started with a clear set of goals, broke them down, completed them and I’m now moving forward on my own.

Karen F. (Age 50)

Rodney is a well educated, experienced, and caring mentor who knows how to read the needs of those he works with. His approach and materials are well organized while allowing complete customization according to an individual’s needs. He allows the client to express personal concerns that may have an impact on motivation and the ability to focus while keeping the process directed and productive. He possesses a wonderful mix of professionalism and personal care. He is thorough in his approach to life goals, is very encouraging, and allows one to explore areas of skill and interest that may be previously unexplored or even hidden by social expectations. He provides structure and deadlines while allowing personal exploration. He was a great motivator and provided a sense of direction when I needed to get my wheels in motion and make some major life changes!

Pamela F. (Age 40)

I had a wonderful experience working with Rodney as my first ADHD coach. He is professional, kind, understanding, patient, encouraging and positive. Rodney has a wealth of knowledge about mobile technology apps and other technological and traditional resources and helped me to find solutions that would work best for me. In three months of coaching, I achieved tremendous progress towards one of my three goals and established positive habits as a foundation for growth towards my other goals.

Shelia H. (Age 50)